Beech tree a wonderful tree | Beech wood, timber and uses

Beech Tree and Beech Wood

Beech Deciduous tree (V)

(Wood color of Beech)
"Fagus syllvatica"
Family: Fagaceae, also known as Beuk - Haya - Buche - Hêtre

Beech Tree basic tree facts

Beech tree grow in almost all parts of Europe. Beech trees have little variance in tree quality. Wood and timber of east European beech trees is generally softer that of beech trees in the rest of Europe. There is very little difference between the colour of the core wood and sapwood of the beech tree. Beech wood is quite hard but susceptible to weather influences. The quality of beech wood improves by impregnation the beech tree and timber.

Beech Tree leaves and beech tree seeds

Beech tree leavesBeech tree seeds

Beech wood Positive uses

Beech trees have good strong and tough wood. Beech wood is quite hard and has a fine dense wood structure. Another great aspect of Beech wood is that it does not splinter. Wood of the beech trees can easily be glued after processing. Beech wood bends well and is both colourless and tasteless. All these great aspects make beech wood and timber a highly wanted product and is therefore used in many products

Beech wood Negative uses

When working with beech wood it is recommended to let the beech wood acclimatize at the ambient temperature and humidity of the environment. If you don't do this beech wood will have a will of its own and is hard to handle. This is the main reason that unprocessed beech wood generally is not applied outside.

Beech wood is also sensitive to wood worm and wood beetles. To avoid nasty creatures the beech wood has to be steamed first. After steaming the beech wood and timber is less susceptible to wood worms. Be careful when drilling holes into beech wood. The friction of the drill will make the beech wood burn very soon.

Density and Durability of Beech Wood

The average weight of 1m ³ of Beech-wood with a moisture content of 12% is 720 kg. Durability V

Beech tree and timber uses

The bending quality of beech wood makes beech timber and wood highly wanted by the furniture industry. Beech timber furniture can be seen in many forms like beech seats, beech office desks and many more. Other known uses of beech wood and timber are beech wood handrails, beech wood wooden toys, all sorts of kitchen beech wood uses such as wooden bread boards, spoon racks etc.

Beech wood and timber are also uses as in-house wooden floorings. Outside beech wood and timber are used in garden furniture. This Beech wood is always coated first to protect it from weather influences. Even railroad and construction companies use beech wood due to the high toughness and the ability of beech timber to bend.

Beech wood
Beech wood