Willow Tree and Wood

Willow Deciduous tree (V)

(Wood color of Willow)
"Salix alba"
Salicaceae, also known as; Wilg - Weide - Saule

About the Willow Tree

The Willow is both in construction and in many properties similar to the Poplar. The Willow tree is about 15 to 25 meters high with a diameter of 90 to 120 cm. The wood has a fine texture and is quite white colored. Often the "Salix Alba" is grown as "Pollard-Willow.

The Leafs end Inflorescence of the Willow Tree

Willow leafsWillow inflorescence

Positive Traits of Willow Wood

Willow-wood is good to nail, to screw and to glue. It is good to work up by hand or machine.

Negative Traits of Willow Wood

The quality of Willow-wood depends highly on the growth mode and the growing-place.

Density and Durability of Willow Wood

The average weight of 1m ³ of Willow-wood at a moisture content of 12% is 510 kilograms. Durability V

Applications Willow Timber

Willow-wood is preferred over Poplar- wood for the production of clogs. Willow-wood is more resistant to water. All kinds of wicker-work is made from the Willow branches such as: baskets, duck-decoys and many ornamental garden items. The Willow-fibers and -wood-wool are used in the fabrication of plates. More applications are: tool-handles, toys, small cheese- and fruit-baskets, pallets and cricketbats.

The Willow Tree